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I am going to blog this pregnancy and birth!

Posted by VBA2C on July 26, 2011 at 12:00 AM

7/25/2011 - We just found out we are pregnant again with baby #5 this July 2011.  I am not much of a blogger but I would like to have a pregnancy journal so to speak for at least one of my babies so what better time to start than now!

I am "due" March 30, 2012 but to me that means April 10th-ish.  I typically go 41-42 weeks. This baby was also a wonderful surprise. However right after it happened I just knew. I hadn't been keeping track of my cycle very well because of the part time job I picked up and the four children I take care of! :) But right after I thought oh no I dont know where in my cycle I am and I bet its not a safe time, so I went and looked at my chart on fertility friend and sure enough I was due to ovulate in about 3 days so I just knew I was going to get pregnant.  Then starting at about 6dpo I was having cramps everyday and I don't get those unless pregnant. Implantation cramps. So then at 8 dpo I took a test and I knew it was too early but did it anyway because I like many other women love to POAS! and of course it was negative.  The next day I didnt have a pregnancy test on hand in the morning for the fmu (first morning urine) so I went and got one later and that one was barely there. VERY faint line. I was thinking OMG No way! I knew it but this was just proof.  So every two days after that I POAS and slowly it did get darker.  Today I am 18dpo. 

I havent seen my backup doctor or even thought about calling yet. I am due for a pap as I havent had one since I was pregnant last time.  HAHA its when I get my paps, when I get pregnant. At this point we are planning a homebirth again. Not sure what we are doing other than that. Havent decided if I want a midwife or doula yet. Haven't much thought about it actually. Still in shock as our baby is only 10 months old! 

I have been having cramps a lot this time but not much for morning sickness...yet.  Maybe it will come later. My biggest fear thus far is I started out heavier than I have for any pregnancy and really want to watch my weight and hope to lose some actually so I can be healthy for labor. Since its summer time and we have a garden with great veggies that is much easier than in the winter. Need to keep on track!!

More later!

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Reply Hillary
3:29 PM on August 16, 2011 
I just read your VBA2C story, and wow! What an inspiration. I am a mother of two, both c sections, and am looking for more information so that I can try for another VBAC. I tried for a VBAC with #2, but she was breech, so the hospital would not even let me try. I have already decided that my best option will likely be a midwife, and have already found on in my area.

Congrats on your newest baby (wow, 10 months, same age as my youngest lol) and your current pregnancy! May you get the birthing experience you want this time around!
Reply jennifer
1:22 PM on January 31, 2014 
You story is so inspirational! I have 2 prior sections one for failure to progress and they other because they broke my waters at 1cm and I got a fever, instead of administering antibiotics they sent me for emergency section. I am looking forward to going for the VBAC again even with my prior VBAC failing. Please update us on your lovely family!
Reply Tonyia
11:25 AM on March 19, 2014 
I am inspired by your story and wondering about your progress thus far.