My Journey to VBA2C & UBA2C


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Reply Argupewer
2:41 PM on May 4, 2017 
Reply Mitshi
10:46 PM on April 24, 2017 
I want to go for a vba2c
Reply kzsiefoa
4:19 AM on March 17, 2017
Reply Vanessa
12:31 PM on April 19, 2014 
I'm so glad to have found your vba2c story. I'm doing my research and really hoping to have a vba2c as well. Congrats!!!
Reply Maria
7:10 PM on July 21, 2013 
Your such an inspiration!
I live in Sweden and can really relate to your story, Although I wish I could find some kind of network here closer to home.
Right after my second c-section started to do research on VBA2C and after reading your story I'm encouraged to stand my ground and once again I believe that I too could give birth vaginally, Thank you for charing your story.
Reply chrissie
4:03 PM on April 23, 2013 
I just wanted to tell you that you are EXACTLY the mom and story I was looking for. I just spent over an hour reading a few of your stories and I cannot wait to share them with my husband. My first child was a hospital vaginal birth, my second- a hospital, all natural birth turned unnecessary csection. 8 years later we are pregnant with #3 and I am DETERMINED not to go through that again. I have expressed my feelings to my husband for over a year now as I have been planning this birth since before we started trying to get pregnant. I have struggled to find a dr, been turned down by midwives, and now I am considering seeing my Dr until I feel I no longer need to, and doing an unassisted birth. I have some supporters, and some very discouraging friends. All I need is my husband and my best friend on my side and Im set! I cannot wait to get my birth kit, pool, pads, etc. I feel as if I am planning a life altering event. I am a strong woman, and I can have the labor and birth of my dreams. YOU are a strong woman, you just proved medical professionals wrong, twice! I am bookmarking your site and when I need a pick me up, I will come revist your stories. Thank you so much for allowing us into your home and into your experiences, all in the name of helping others. I cannot wait to read this to my husband and help him understand more.
Reply allie bagwell
9:40 AM on September 24, 2012 
i just read your story and it is so inspiring to me. My husband and i are trying for our third and i'm already making birthing plans. my first was a c section due to fetal distress at 34 weeks. my second was a planned section because my doctor and family were against a VBAC. This time around i am determined to have a vbac and my husband is very supportive. your sotry is great and i just wanted to say thank you!
Reply Nicole
1:19 PM on July 2, 2012 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story! I just found out I'm pregnant with my 3rd, and and looking for resources and support for vba2c. I'm so overwhelmed that I don't even know where to start (even though I did all the research during my second pregnancy!), but just reading your vba2c is so heartening!
Reply Jessica
12:50 AM on April 25, 2012 
Congrats. I've had 2 c-sec 1st 32 week baby had heartrate trouble 2nd wanted vbac last minitue doc tried scaring me into the baby to big story was only 8.9lbs. I am so sorry I didn't try harder. Next time around I will not give up. Your story has inspired me.
Reply Kasandra
3:33 AM on February 7, 2012 
You are such an inspiration to me! I had to c-sections and when we get pregnant with our third I'm determined to have a vba2c. My first was completely unnecessary- my doctor cited the baby's positioning as to why I "needed" one which I later found out I could have still birthed (he was just face up). My second I had a very vbac friendly provider (a midwife and an OB) but I went in for my 40 week appointment and my blood pressure was through the roof (I also had toxemia with my first pregnancy, but not nearly as bad) so I was sent to labor and delivery for a NST and monitoring. All my labs came back as pre-eclampsia and just laying in bed watching tv was still making my bp higher, higher, and higher until the midwife came in and said she was worried for my safety and the OB was on her way in to talk to me about delivering. My ob was still willing to just try for an induction and watch my bp, but the hospital I was delivering at had no nicu or real way to deal with an emergency, so I consented to a repeat c-section. I am kicking myself now, and wish I would have at least tried to labor and see how things went. Now, I'm more determined than ever to have a vba2c. Thank you for sharing your story, you've given me hope!