My Journey to VBA2C & UBA2C

Shortly after Emelia's 1st birthday we found out surprising news, we were expecting again! In those two years I became an ICAN Chapter Leader ( in my area and researched and learned a lot.  When we found out we were pregnant we weren't sure what we were going to do with a provider.  I had done more research on Unassisted Childbirth (UC) and we thought about that as an option too.  We hired a midwife right away, I think out of shock of being pregnant.  After a few weeks I wasn't sure if I still wanted a midwife at our birth.  We talked about it and eventually told our midwife we wanted to birth unassisted. We saw a backup doctor a few times and had an ultrasound just to make sure the placenta was in a good place. We chose to wait to find out the sex till the birth since we hadn't done that before. I never did any tests this pregnancy.  I hadn't had gestational diabetes in the past or GBS. I had read ways to help that naturally so I didn't worry about those things. I had a Blessing Way at 38 weeks and a friend checked baby's position. She was pretty sure baby was LOA, so I was happy about that! I would have birthed breech at home too though. As we approched the birth we contunied to get things ready. It was getting very exciting, I had no doubts I would go to 41/42 weeks so I didn't bother worrying about the calendar. We borrowed an ambu bag from our friend who checked babys position and a doppler from another friend (if I felt I needed it for peace of mind, but I never used it).  She kicked in labor the whole time to let Mama know she was ok. :) We had both read and bought Emergency Childbirth: A Manual. So that was on hand when and if my husband or doula wanted to read it. We read lots on the internet in what to do in all the emergencies we could think of. We were as ready as we could be...


Finally after days of prodromal labor at 41+1 weeks labor started Thursday morning.  Contractions were 2-3 minutes apart right away.  I called Dustin to come home from work and told Elijah we would probably have a baby when he got home from school.  My mother came and picked up Elijah to take him to school and shortly later Dustin got home and labor stopped.  I thought you have got to be kidding me.  These were pretty intense.  Dustin was frazzled as to what to do because he wanted to go back to work if labor wasn’t going to restart since he doesn’t have PTO, I was frustrated so I just told him to go back to work.  I went and laid down to rest with the kids in bed with me and went on with our day. Contractions stayed throughout the day about one every half an hour but nothing super intense.

Thursday night contractions started back up stronger about 11:00pm.  At first they were still all over the place, 15 min, 5 min, 2 min, 8 min etc.  Around midnight they became more regular at about 2-3 minutes apart.  I cleaned up a bit and went to go lay down trying to rest.  I only stayed in bed about an hour as it was getting too intense to stay in one spot.  At 3am I woke up Dustin asking him to get the pool out as I didn’t think labor would stop this time.  He blew it up and started filling it with water.  I lit some candles and brought the birth supplies to the kitchen.  At about 4am I text my doula and told her I was in labor and she said she would be on her way. After my doula got there I told Dustin he could go back to sleep, he was looking very tired and at this point I could handle labor alone.  Kristen and I talked and she applied amazing pressure to my back while we labored throughout the kitchen, living room and bathroom.  Dustin got back up around 6, called work said he wouldn’t be in for the day and started getting Elijah up and ready for school, I called my mom quickly in-between a contraction to ask her to come pick up Elijah and take him to school and went back to the shower to labor.  The shower was amazing.  We have the hand held sprayer and I would hold the hot water on the lower part of my uterus as it contracted and moaned my way through contractions until I ran out of hot water. The shower helped with the pain but also made the contractions a lot more intense. Around 8:30ish I had a contraction that peaked strong enough to make me cry, right away I thought transition. Kristen who had been rubbing my arms while Dustin was making sure the pool was hot enough and waiting for my sister to come get the little kids stepped aside and let Dustin take over.  I moved to the pool where contractions slowed down to 5 minutes apart and I thought it felt like 20 minutes apart the break was amazing.  Dustin started boiling water with pots to add hot water while I laid in the pool and talked to Evan and Emelia in-between contractions. Kylie came around 9am and I told her she could stay and keep the kids busy or leave and take the kids with her. A contraction hit where I was moaning very loudly and I think I scared her more than the kids because she said “oh its ok I can take them”.


I started feeling a little pushy about 9:30am.  A contraction would start I would moan very loudly and toward the end of it I would start to feel my body pushing.  I was switching between laying on my side with a towel over me and leaning in a squatting position over the edge of the pool.  I was very tired at this point and fell asleep between contractions and woke myself up snoring one time. During one of the pushes my water broke at about 10am.  I tried to feel baby and thought I don’t feel anything yet how much longer?!  After this I was having involuntary pushing with every contraction. I was starting to feel out of control and would moan to almost yell. After I would push I would fall to the edge of the pool and just rest my body and face on the side. I was in labor land. Nothing else was around me and I didn’t hear much of what was said or being done around me.

I was lying on my side for awhile and heard Kristen say “Want to try squatting?” My mind said No way that is going to bring baby down and its going to hurt, but my reaction was yes if that is going to get things done faster than I will do it.  I was having some intense pain when she was coming down,  All I could think was my tail bone is going to break, it hurts too much but I can’t stop my body from pushing, I tried to not push and that hurt even more. I was stuck between a rock and hard place. Get this kid out or have horrible pain forever.  At this point I leaned over the edge of the pool after a contraction and thought Ok I am ready to go to the hospital for my epidural, Would we make it in time? No way this baby is coming now, what am I thinking? Again I pushed and I felt again and felt baby about an inch in. I was ecstatic, I looked up at Dustin and said Do you want to feel baby?

He felt was instantly brought to tears and said “You’re doing it, the baby is coming.” Again I pushed and brought baby to crowning, felt again and there was a head full of hair. I fell to the edge of the pool and said “I’m almost done, I’m almost done, I’m almost done”. Again pushing, yelling, moaning, Ahhh the head is out! I leaned back still squatting and pushed a couple more times and out like a cannon baby shot into Daddy’s hands.  Dustin pulled her up out of the water and handed baby to me. 

I rubbed her down a bit and then looked and said “It’s a girl! Oh baby, baby, you’re here, I did it!” She was still a little purple so I laid her on my arm a little upside down and rubbed and patted her back to get the fluid out. She was breathing fine, just hadn’t started crying.  I got the big gush pretty soon after so Dustin went and got a bowl from the kitchen and I stepped out of the pool and squatted over the bowl and out plopped the placenta, oh relief! Thank you God for making that process an easy non complicated one! Dustin and Kristen laid out some chux pads and I sat down and continued rubbing baby and trying to get her to cry.  I tried to nurse but she wasn’t too interested.  She was a little grunty so I called a friend and asked what to do, and she said it sounded like baby was cold so we wrapped her up in some blankets from the dryer and got her to cry a little.  She pinked up the rest of the way (hands and feet) after that. I called my mom quick to tell her we had a baby girl, no name yet and handed baby to Dustin so I could go clean up in the shower.

After my shower I sat in the chair and we talked about names. Came to the conclusion it would be Elliana Rose.  Rose after her Aunt Kayla who’s middle name is Rose. All of the kids’ middle names are from family.  Kylie and the kids showed up and we introduced Emelia and Evan to their new sister.  It had been about an hour or so since the birth so we decided to cut the cord and weigh Elliana.  The cord was white so Dustin clamped and cut it and put Elliana in the blanket tied a knot and weighed her.  He said “10lbs 11oz!” I said NO way do it again, so he picked her up again and said “It’s the same”. I couldn’t believe it! She is bigger than her brother was, that is crazy! That is why it was so much harder to get her out than last time!
  (My VBA2C and UBA2C Babies!)

We are so blessed to have this wonderful birth, it was perfect for us and we couldn’t be happier!
This is when I realized that my first c-section was not for a legit reason. I "knew" it was for no good reason prior to this but this was proof.  My UC baby was bigger than my first c-section baby that the doctor told me I couldn't birth because he was too big (10lbs 4oz). During pregnancy I joked and said "Wouldn't it be cool if this baby were bigger than her brother just to prove the doctors wrong?" I wasn't being serious!!  Be careful what you wish for! ;)

All in all this was amazing, I am 10 weeks PP now and am done healing. I did tear some and that took a while to heal, I let it heal naturally on its own no stitches but I would do it again this way regardless, this healing is still better and easier emotionaly and physically than recovering from a cesarean. I believe we are done having babies, unless God has something else planned for us, but I would forsure have another homebirth if we were to find out we were ever pregnant again. Nothing more amazing for a mother to experience herself. No poking, proding, or people telling you where to move or what to do. Only my body telling me what to do and me following its cues. I can't thank my crunchy friends and support team enough!! I love you guys!