My Journey to VBA2C & UBA2C


This website is my way of letting women know that VBAC and VBAMC is possible and do-able!  I hope to encourage women to do their research on VBAC and birth in general.
A VBAC is a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.
A VBAMC is a Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans.
A UBA2C is an Unassisted Birth After Two Cesareans.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, just a woman who learned the hard way that just walking into a hospital doesn't equal having a baby vaginally. Yes, it does to some but the cesarean rates in the USA are on the rise and in a lot of cases are unnecessary.

I know its not always easy to find a care provider to support your decision on VBAC, but don't give up. I didn't find a care provider with my VBA2C until I was 33 weeks along. I was so excited when I did in fact find a homebirth midwife!


Disclaimer: I am not doctor, nurse or midwife. You should check with their care provider for any questions you may have. Any information here is purely for support and encouragement!

My First Cesarean

My first son was born in August '04 by C-section. Going into this pregnancy I just figured I would birth vaginally because my mother did and all my family did. My pregnancy was uneventful so that was good. I did gain a lot of weight but it was my first so I assumed that was normal. I went overdue and a few days before I hit 41 weeks the doctor said we would induce at 41 weeks. I was more than ready for this. I didn't know any differently to say "No, let me wait another week to see if labor starts on its own", I just wanted to be DONE being pregnant and see my baby.

I went in and was induced with pitocin at 8am, about 4 hours later my OB broke my water thinking this would speed things along. I did have high blood pressure during this labor so they wouldn't let me get out of bed or walk around. With not being able to get out of bed and the pain of staying put I received my epidural with joy.

I dilated to 4cm, and that is where I stopped. By 6pm, only about 10 hours into labor my OB decided I had "CPD" (Cephalopelvic Disproportion) and "FTP" (Failure to Progress). True CPD is rare but it is often used when a patient isn't progressing as quickly as a doctor would like them to. My doctor told me I would never birth a baby vaginally and off to surgery we went. I felt like such a failure. I was crying and couldn't believe this was really happening to me. While reading books when pregnant I always skipped over the Cesarean part cause I knew that "wouldn't happen to me". I was wrong. Apparently I wasn't in too dire need of a c-section because a few Emergency Sections went before me so we waited a while.

I went into surgery and after they were all set up my husband came in with me.  I can remember him keeping his head very close to mine, tears running down his face.  He couldn't stand to watch them cut me open so he just kept looking at me.  The OB and his partner were talking about golf and what they were doing the next day.  I wanted to yell at them.  I sat there and wondered, "Am I having this section so you don't miss your golf outing tomorrow?"  Then they asked me how big I thought this boy was, I replied at least nine pounds. I had grown quite large in my last few weeks.  He said "You have a future Husker on your hands!" I could feel them pull him out and then a little scream, but I couldn't see anything. I kept asking Dustin, "What does he look like?  Is he big?  Can I see him?"  They weighed him and measured him, They showed me my 10lb 4oz son for a second and wisked him off to nursery cause he needed some oxygen.  I had my husband go with him so I was there alone hoping I could see my baby soon. 

The one thing I noticed was that he had a dimple in his chin just like me.  After surgery I was so groggy, and so cold.  I went off to recovery for an hour and I swear it was the longest hour of my life.  I started shaking I was so cold.  After that we were settled into a room where I still had to wait to see my son because he was still under the warmer in the nursery.  Three hours after he was born they brought him into my room where I was finally able to see him.

This picture makes me sad.  I don't even have a smile on my face, I was still in shock that I just had a c-section and very drugged from the spinal.

My Second Cesarean

My second son was born in June '06 by c-section also. My pregnancy again was uneventful. I stubbornly and foolishly went back to the same OB thinking that my c-section was a one time deal. I had friends tell me I should find a midwife or someone more VBAC friendly, but I don't like change and decided everything would be fine where I stayed. Throughout the whole pregnancy I had plans to VBAC. I had read a little bit on it and thought again that it would just happen since I really wanted it. I was still uneducated for the most part. At my 38 week appointment my OB wanted me to have an ultrasound to see how big the baby was to see if I would "be able" to birth this baby. They said he too was going to be as big as his 10 pound brother or bigger. I know now that ultrasounds can be off by at least a pound either way. He said I needed to schedule a c-section so I did. I still thought well maybe there is a chance I would go into labor on my own and he would let me try. I did go into labor on my own at 39w 1d, the day before my section was scheduled.


I went into the hospital in labor, the OB came up and I thought for sure since I had gone into labor on my own I would be able to have a VBAC. The doctor said we were going to continue with the c-section and took me off to surgery. Since then I have learned they can't make you do anything you don't want to do, so if I would have stood my ground I could have potentially had a VBAC then, but I wasn't educated. This c-section was defiantly better as far as sections go. I was able to see and "hold" my son afterward for a couple minutes. Here are the first moments of me seeing him after he was born.

My husband and son went to the nursery and I was again left alone listening to the OB's sew me back together.  I told them I remembered that the last time I had a section they were talking about golf and they laughed that I could remember that.  I didn't think it was so funny.  Then all stopped and I was wondering what was going on.  They started taking count of the needles and realized they had misplaced one.  I was thinking "Great they have sewn a needle in my gut."  After a few minutes which felt a lot longer they found the missing needle and continued sewing me back up.  The hospital was very busy that day so I only was in recovery for about 30 minutes which was much nicer then being alone for at least an hour.  We made it back to the room and this time I was determined to have a better recovery and walked 6 hours after surgery, it made the recovery much better than milking it.


I was still disappointed and thought my chance for VBAC was over. I didn't know vaginal birth after multiple cesareans was possible. I went searching for answers sometime after the delivery and found ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). I had heard of this site before but didn't really read much about it. This time I looked into it more and found answers. I realized I still could have a VBAC even with multiple sections. During this time I also joined a natural living group in my area with lots of women who were very educated about natural birth and homebirth. I started reading about birth online and reading books about birth and VBAC. I couldn't believe what I was learning. All these interventions you receive at the hospital are often times the leading cause of cesareans.

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