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I am going to blog this pregnancy and birth!

Posted by VBA2C on July 26, 2011 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (3)

7/25/2011 - We just found out we are pregnant again with baby #5 this July 2011.  I am not much of a blogger but I would like to have a pregnancy journal so to speak for at least one of my babies so what better time to start than now!

I am "due" March 30, 2012 but to me that means April 10th-ish.  I typically go 41-42 weeks. This baby was also a wonderful surprise. However right after it happened I just knew. I hadn't been keeping track of my cycle very well because of the part time job I picked up and the four children I take care of! :) But right after I thought oh no I dont know where in my cycle I am and I bet its not a safe time, so I went and looked at my chart on fertility friend and sure enough I was due to ovulate in about 3 days so I just knew I was going to get pregnant.  Then starting at about 6dpo I was having cramps everyday and I don't get those unless pregnant. Implantation cramps. So then at 8 dpo I took a test and I knew it was too early but did it anyway because I like many other women love to POAS! and of course it was negative.  The next day I didnt have a pregnancy test on hand in the morning for the fmu (first morning urine) so I went and got one later and that one was barely there. VERY faint line. I was thinking OMG No way! I knew it but this was just proof.  So every two days after that I POAS and slowly it did get darker.  Today I am 18dpo. 

I havent seen my backup doctor or even thought about calling yet. I am due for a pap as I havent had one since I was pregnant last time.  HAHA its when I get my paps, when I get pregnant. At this point we are planning a homebirth again. Not sure what we are doing other than that. Havent decided if I want a midwife or doula yet. Haven't much thought about it actually. Still in shock as our baby is only 10 months old! 

I have been having cramps a lot this time but not much for morning sickness...yet.  Maybe it will come later. My biggest fear thus far is I started out heavier than I have for any pregnancy and really want to watch my weight and hope to lose some actually so I can be healthy for labor. Since its summer time and we have a garden with great veggies that is much easier than in the winter. Need to keep on track!!

More later!